To live an affordable healthy lifestyle, all you need is Nutrisystem a short walk!

Hey, my name is Stephanie. I work at our own family run company called the Mosbius Real Estate. After my father was diagnosed with diabetes, we were on the look out for healthier choices. That’s when we stumbled upon Nutrisystem. After telling you all about our Nutrisystem journey, I will explain about the Nutrisystem promo codes.

Mosbius Real Estate has been in business for the last thirty years. My father opened the company in partnership with two brothers, and now my cousins and I are in charge of the office. With all the memories connected to the company, it holds a very dear place in all our hearts. My cousins and I grew up seeing our dads work hard in the business and expanding it slowly every year.

How Nutrisystem entered our lives

About fifteen months ago, my father was found to be diabetic. Our family had never been the type to eat healthy or exercise, and I must say, all of us were rather heavy.  After finding out that my dad had diabetes, all of us realized the need to start eating healthy. My father, two of his brothers, two of my cousins and I, all of us, were working at Mosbius Real Estate, and spent most of our time at the office, or working from home. We didn’t know how to start, so all six of us started going to the nearby park to jog and to do some easy exercises. We knew this wouldn’t be enough till we started eating healthy. That is when we thought of getting diet plans. I searched all over the Internet for an impressive diet plan. That is how I found Nutrisystem. Its meal plans looked great, and the food looked great, and it wasn’t expensive either. The website also had Nutrisystem coupons which impressed me.

Achieving Excellent Weight Loss Results With Nutrisystem

I talked to the staff at Nutrisystem via phone, and after telling her the entire story, she suggested us to take the Lunch and Snacks only option for Mosbius Real Estate first. She explained that since we were all foodies, directly changing our diets like that would not only give us crazy cravings but would also cause some difficulty in the abdomen for the first few weeks. She even talked about the Nutrisystem discount codes- how they work and how to obtain them. She was extremely polite, and even though she was emphasizing on the pros of the program, she didn’t hesitate even a little to talk about the cons of Nutrisystem.

Mosbius Real Estate is a business with thirteen people working to better it. Out of the thirteen, six of us were already determined to take the Nutrisystem program. After telling the other employees about the Nutrisystem plan we’re preparing to take, they wanted to give it a try too. So, all thirteen of us signed up for the Lunch and Snacks meal plan at Nutrisystem.

The “Lunch & Snacks” plan with Nutrisystem

For the first few weeks, all of us were extremely skeptical but excited about the program. We were having tasty lunch and snacks in the office at a reasonable price with the Nutrisystem coupon codes. It was great because everyone had different food for the day. On the first day, I was having red beans and rice for lunch; I saw that my dad was having his beans and ham soup while my cousin was having her spicy noodles. It was amazing how many lunch options there are. Nutrisystem offers meal options to choose from even for my dad. It was great to see that even diabetic people had tasty low-gyclemic food for them that helped them lower their glycemic index along with losing weight. We followed the Lunch and Snacks plan for full five months. The only reason we quit the plan was because everyone at the Mosbius Real Estate wanted to try the entire Nutrisystem diet plan.

Taking the entire diet plan

After five months of eating lunch and snacks with Nutrisystem, we decided to take the entire diet plan. It was a big decision especially for my family. Saying yes to the meal plan meant no alcohol, no fast food, no junk food, nothing! But since we decided that health comes first, we decided to go with the program.

We started hunting more for the Nutrisystem coupons as we put our first order. It was great to see that there were meal plans for diabetic people and vegetarian people as well. They even had different meal plans for people with different fitness levels. After choosing the best meal plans for each of our body types, we were ready to start. In just a week, the meals were delivered at our doorstep.

It was amazing how my one day meals were priced only $10, but I got it for $8 with the help of Nutrisystem discount codes. We couldn’t believe how easy it was for us to spend just about ten dollars a day and lose weight and be healthy at the same time. Let alone how the meals tasted better than Jenny Craig’s, see this comparison for more info:

Considering the experiences of everyone at Mosbius Real Estate, we have put forward some pros and cons about Nutrisystem:


  • Numerous choices of food
  • Meal plans for diabetic people as well
  • Coupons always helping to keep up the affordability


  • Fast food cravings at the highest level
  • Limiting alcohol was a struggle
  • Having to microwave almost every meal

Now it has been a year since we took the entire Nutrisystem meal plan. My dad’s GI is now under control, and our family is no longer considered the “fat family”. Everyone at Mosbius Real Estate is healthy and trying their best to move the business into greater heights. We still search for Nutrisystem promo codes as they are super helpful at all times. Our family still goes jogging in the morning, and we even race home to find our Nutrisystem breakfast ready. We are all doing really great now, and the credit for all of this goes to Nutrisystem!