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Coupon Savings and Ways to Teach Our Children

Coupons have become a very creative marketing strategy to get consumers in the door. Regardless of what a company thinks by accepting coupons, they appeal to buyers to spend more money. Families are becoming very conscious about how they spend their money at the grocery store. With the never-ending rise on food, families have to resort to coupons to save some money. Digital coupons and particularly mobile coupons are growing in popularity.

Everyone loves to find a good deal and saving a lot of money, but this will require some planning and effort on your part, but it is possible. Couponing and especially saving money will require thorough preparation. You can make it a family game which will help your children with numbers and showing them how to save money. The holidays seem to be the most significant time of the year to reach customers that are looking for that next deal. Most consumers would use coupons more as long as they could access them on their phone.

For consumers to truly benefit from your store coupons, it wouldn’t be a good marketing strategy to have them readily available. You need to make sure you test the coupons effectiveness, analyze everything about a particular coupon and find which ones bring in the most profit. Coupons have been around as advertising tactics for many years, but over the past few years, couponing has become increasingly popular. There are many popular coupon companies such as and increasing in popularity Having coupons to lure consumers into your store or to buy your product online is by maximizing your profits through the use of coupons. Coupons will attract new consumers to shop your store and not the competitor. When a coupon code on your mobile devise states a deadline, it will get people’s attention and could potentially boost your profit.

Consumers have demonstrated in the past that when they hear of a good deal and could potentially save them a lot of money, they will tweak their shopping habits to include the savings. If your company is looking for new and exciting ways to bring in new consumers couponing seems to be the way to go. Companies will advertise coupons that will save only new consumers huge savings. GoDaddy has been known to use this type of advertising and has become very successful. Consumers tend to flock to the stores or online when they find items that buy one get one free with the coupons.

Another new coupon website called could potentially save you a lot of money. The idea behind the website is that you can browse items you are currently looking to save money on and it will bring up a coupon or a coupon code to help you. The first store that I noticed on YippeeCoupons was GoDaddy as I was planning on registering a new domain name for my mother in law, thanks to I was able to save $4 and get free hosting for a month!

One mother’s idea was to teach her child about couponing, and ideally, the goal was to help with her math problems in school. This was something they could do together, and it would be fun for the daughter. The mother and daughter would go through recycling bins to look for coupons. They spent a lot of time together which is always priceless. Once they were done collecting the coupons the organizing and preparing began. The mother would explain in detail why one deal was better than the other and break it down the price per ounce or pound. The daughter learned about marketing, the concept of money, and which items were better deals. Considering the idea started as a way to save money it became a lifelong lesson for her, not to mention the problems with math in school all changed.

Let’s be honest mothers and daughters love to shop as much as fathers and sons love to hunt, so why not intertwine the idea of saving money through couponing either online or in the store with lessons they will pass on to their children. There are a few stores that I would like to mention because they seem to have a decent amount of coupons which are Walgreens, CVS and Target regardless if they are in store and online coupons.